Maret 2020


Gandari is Destrarata’wife. She is mothr of Korawa’brothers. One of Mahabharata’s book illustration. Made by handrawn technique on Ipad with Sketchbook Pro Apps and Pen Stylus.


How make to combine ‘funny’ and prestige? Made Di Bali is a new tshirt brand. They sell a funny concept with a premium product performance. Materials of the product are made by first class tshirt component. Arround of the Bali culture to be presented as ‘funny’ things. Answering for the brief, we try to make Made Di Bali visual looks prestigious. Because of it, we create the logo simplicity. Not using cartoon character


‘Babi Ngepet’ is a legend story of the Javanese Mythologi. Babi Ngepet has been known as the bad animal creature that steal the money to be given for their master. They’re the evils that incarnate be a wild boar. Ngoyak Celeng means ‘hunt of the wild boar’ is a represent of that story. Making by a manual drawing for a sketch and finish it on a digital painting art work,